Thank you for your interest in Health Tense. I offer massage therapy, personal training, and nutrition tips to support your quest for wellness. I work closely with you to develop sessions that meet your personal needs and goals.

Julie Is the owner and guiding practitioner of Health Tense. Practicing since 2005, Julie has extensive experience in massage, personal training, and nutrition.

Originally from Buffalo, NY, Julie has resided in Huntington Beach, CA since 2004. She graduated cum Laude, from Holy Cross College near Boston, MA, and holds a BA in Psychology. She worked for several year with autistic children and then people suffering from anxiety and depression.

Upon moving to California in search of good weather and surf, Julie did a brief stint in the corporate world in sales and marketing. She experienced first-hand the deleterious physical and mental effects of too much stress from 8-6. At this point she made a life changing decision to dedicate her life to health and fitness. In 2005, Julie traded psychotherapy for massage therapy, attended several massage schools in Orange County, and has been practicing massage since.

Julie’s approach to massage therapy is based upon human anatomy and kinesiology. Each therapeutic massage session supports individual comfort and well-being, while facilitating, relaxation, pain relief, and improved flexibility. She specializes in sports massage, deep tissue, Swedish relaxation massage (therapeutic), and pregnancy massage while incorporating other modalities (myofascial release and Thai). She works with several triathlon and running clubs in the area. She also provides therapeutic and relaxing chair massage for several corporate offices in the area.

In her private practice, Julie has locations in Huntington Beach and Long Beach. She has developed relationships with physical therapists at these locations to further promote rehabilitation.

Not long after she started practicing massage therapy, Julie realized that many aches and pains could be alleviated through proper exercise, and In-Tense Personal Training was born. Staying active and being motivated can be difficult. Julie is able to apply her background in psychology to keep you motivated during sessions.

In her free time, to maintain physical and mental health, Julie regularly engages in surfing, mountain biking, sailing, skiing, and rock climbing.

Julie’s secret to success is caring about her clients’ needs both corporate and private, individually, not as dollar bills on a massage conveyor belt like some massage chains. She will bend over backwards to accommodate you.