Fitness Training

In-Tense Personal Fitness Training

I tailor personal training sessions to meet your individual needs.  Whether your goal is to run a marathon, lose a few pounds, lose inches, jumpstart and exercise regimen, get moving again after an injury, perfect your technique on an existing routine, get stronger, or strengthen your core to prevent work related pain, I can help.  I have worked with clients as young as 13 and as old as 70.  I specialize in working with people who are just getting started again and do not believe that you need to feel painfully sore the next day following a workout.  My philosophy is to teach you how to do the exercises on your own.

Health Benefits of Exercising:

  • My clients report feeling stronger and improved cardiovascular level after only two weeks of working out twice per week.
  • They sleep better the evening after a workout.
  • My clients say they have fewer general aches and pains compared to their previously physically inactive lifestyle.
  • They experience relief from low back and neck pain resulting from car accidents and desk jobs.

How it works:

Training is provided at your home, gym or office,  or outdoors at the beach or park – location is flexible!
If you have a home gym, I can train you on your own equipment.
No home gym? No problem.  I can bring portable equipment to use during our session.  All you need is an open area like living room or yard.
Does working out indoors not motivate you? We can meet at the beach or a local park and even incorporate playground equipment.
Not yet comfortable with people seeing you work out? Come to one of my locations.
Starts at $50 per one-hour session for locations within 20 minutes of Huntington Beach.